Bearings, Lubrication & Gear Boxes

Starts from:Thu, February 21, 2019
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Bearings, Lubrication & Gear Boxes


Durations: 5 Days


Course Overview:


This course will introduce different backgrounds to basics of Tribology of gears and gearboxes, bearings, and lubrications. The course will provide the participants with the knowledge needed to properly maintain, service, inspect, select and repair a variety of industrial gearboxes. Bearing is a major challenge to every maintenance engineer. Participants will gain a strong technical and practical understanding of the lubrication systems of different equipment. This course will focus on the working principle of bearings, types, application of each type, and the maintenance of bearings. The course will cover all aspects of bearing selection, and maintenance including lubrication systems, as well as the function of lubrication, and lubrication system components. The course also covers the gear boxes working principle, components, and component maintenance and repair.


Who should attend?

  • Mechanical Engineers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Foremen & Technicians
  • Hydraulics Engineers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Foremen & Technicians
  • Plant Engineers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Foremen & Technicians
  • Materials Engineers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Foremen & Technicians


Course Objectives

  • Identify different bearing components including plain bearing, ball or roller bearings, cage assembly and others
  • Classification and the components of each type (design of each type)
  • Estimate the improvement in bearing materials and designs
  • Enumerate different bearing types and their applications
  • Perform bearing installation and inspect bearing lubrications
  • Analyze the lead, speed, life and tolerance of bearings and evaluate the reasons for bearing failure and failures caused by internal radial clearance.
  • Identify shaft and housing fits of bearings.
  • Conduct failure analysis, condition monitoring and proper handling to preserve bearing life.
  • Demonstrate proper precision alignment, mounting and dismounting procedures.
  • Estimate bearing life and identify the causes of immediate bearing failures.
  • Bearing failure- symptoms of failure and the reason of each failure
  • Gear box: Function, components
  • Different types of gear boxes, and different designs of gears
  • Gear box failure, symptoms and analysis of failure
  • Gear backlash and teeth contact checks
  • Lubrication: Function, selection, lubrication systems and lubrication failure analyses.


Training Methodology

This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:-

40% Lectures

20% if the workshop available practical training will be conducted in the workshop. If not available, the instructor will provide some models, materials and tools in the class.

20% Case Studies & Practical Exercises

20% Videos & General Discussions


Course Contents:


Day 1



  • Function and purpose of bearings
  • Classification; friction, non-friction and magnetic bearings.
  • Factors affecting selection of type of bearing
  • Bearing identifications
  • Friction bearings; oil film lubrication, influence of oil parameters on bearing behavior, defining oil whirl; types of friction bearings like plain journal, offset, multi lobe & tilting pad radial bearings.
  • Tapered land & tilting pads thrust bearings
  • Magnetic bearings
  • Journal bearing material
  • Frictionless bearings; classification: ball, deep groove, angular contact, roller, barrel, needle, thrust etc.


Day 2


  • Failure analysis of anti friction Bearing
  • Failure analysis of plain bearings
  • Bearing mounting and bearing housings


Lubrication & lubricants:

  • Wear, friction & fatigue
  • Viscosity & viscosity index; pour & flash point
  • The role of lubrication
  • Principle of hydrostatic, hydrodynamic & squeeze film lubrication
  • Mineral and synthetic lube oils; specifications, application, applicable standards&differences
  • Greases; specifications, types, classification, application & standards.
  • Additives for oil and grease


Day 3

  • Special lubricant: composite, graphite, PTFE, molybdenum sulfide etc. and their application
  • General rules on limitation for use of lube oil/grease for lubrication.
  • Lubricating systems; mist, circulation, splash, drop, oiler, spray etc..
  • Basics of lube oil analysis and it’s use for trending
  • Lubrication system of centrifugal compressors
  • Lubrication system of reciprocating compressors
  • Lubrication system of diesel and gas engines
  • Lubrication system of gas turbine

Day 4


Gears & gearboxes

  • Gearing Fundamentals
  • The function of gear box in the plant
  • Types of gears, application of each type
  • Gear backlash
  • Tooth contact
    • Gearbox Selection Requirements
    • Purpose and types of gears; spur, helical, Herringbone, worm, rack and pinion, internal gears etc.
    • Gear ratio and gear trains with basic calculation
    • Gearboxes, purpose and main components, speed reducers/increasers, planetary gearboxes
    • Gearbox construction designs.
    • Parameters and load factor


Day 5


  • Failure analysis of gears and gear boxes
  • Gear Element Failure Modes
  • Typical gear failure patterns
  • Basic installation procedure
  • Maintenance and overhauling of gearboxes
  • Gearbox maintenance: strip down and required inspection.
  • Gearbox Lubrication and Principles
  • Diagnosis of Gear problems
  • Gear Mesh Frequencies
  • Misalignment/Eccentricity of gears
  • Diagnosis Mechanical looseness problems
  • Post Test
  • Course certificate