Advanced Managerial Skills

Advanced Managerial Skills
Starts from:Sun, May 7, 2017
Campus Location

Addax Tower,Abu Dhabi,Alreem Island,United Arab Emirates

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Course Description

Who should attend?

This course is designed for: Managers, supervisors, and individuals who would like to enhance their individual, team, and organizational leadership roles and advance their thinking, behaviour, and actions to prepare for new leadership challenges.


  • Apply emotional intelligence competencies to enhance individual, team, and organizational performance
  • Develop a strong leadership presence by capitalizing on strengths and talents
  • Demonstrate flexibility in your leadership approach to maximize  effectiveness
  • Shape your interactions with others
  • Develop the emotional intelligence of a team
  • Solve ethical dilemmas
  • Take intelligent, calculated risks to achieve strategic objectives
  • Take an active role in your leadership development


  • 5 Days

 Program Contents

Day one:

 Introduction & Objectives

  • Leadership – Role, Skills and Styles
  1. Definition and the Leadership Grid
  2. Collaborative leadership
  3. Transitional leadership
  4. Visionary leadership
  5. Situational leadership
  • Leadership and Communication
  1. Basics of effective Communication
  2. Barriers to communications
  3. Verbal & non-verbal communication
  4. The art of listening
  5. Conducting effective meetings

Day Two:

  • Leadership and Problem- Solving
  1. Problem solving steps
  2. Identifying the problem
  3. Techniques for developing alternatives
  4. Getting consensus
  5. The leader as a problem solver
  • Leadership and Management
  1. Authority Vs. Responsibility
  2. Delegation and Acceptance
  3. Roles and relationships
  4. The manager as a leader
  5. Being a leader: Bridging the gap

Day Three:

  • Leadership and Coaching
  1. The coaching cycle
  2. Pre-requisites for coaching & mentoring
  3. Coaching for performance
  4. The Leader’s role in coaching
  5. Managing people issues
  • Leadership and Team Building
  1. Team building process
  2. Essential building blocks for teams
  3. Dealing with internal and external politics
  4. The Team Leader as a facilitator, mediator& negotiator

Day Four:

  • Leadership and Motivation
  1. Principles of motivation
  2. Motivation theories and their application
  3. Motivation through goal setting
  4. Guidelines for setting SMART goals
  5. Self actualization in the team
  • Leadership and Management of Change
  1. The need for change
  2. Psychology of resistance to change
  3. Implementing the change model
  4. Developing the change management plan
  5. Communicating for change

Day Five:

  • Leadership and Decision- making
  1. Common Pitfalls in Decision-making
  2. Thinking and Decision-making processes
  3. Decision-making matrix – Focus & Impact
  4. The 3D Model – Debate, Discussion & Dialogue
  • Leadership and Ethics
  1. Character and integrity
  2. Ethics and Values
  3. Building excellence
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Influencing team/organizational culture
  • Leadership for the Team Leader
  1. Leadership life cycle
  2. Continuum of Leadership
  3. Leadership for virtual teams
  4. Developing highperformance teams